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Career Options in the Aviation Industry

ByDaniel Wesley

Feb 4, 2017

In the aviation industry, people think about flying. But it’s not just about that! This industry is full of adventure, fun, and excitement. Apart from being a pilot, this sector also offers many opportunities in terms of aircraft mechanics, flight attendants, and many more.

The aviation industry is India’s fastest-growing industry. So if you want to work in aviation, you don’t have to wait to learn to fly. There are many vacancies for you to explore. In terms of air traffic control, technical aspects, flight crew, flight operations, and other activities involved in aircraft operations are part of an aviation career.

Every position in flight requires a high level of eligibility criteria and training. For example, to become a flight attendant, you will need the secondary education that you will receive while working. To become a pilot requires a thorough degree and training. For an aviation mechanic or maintenance technician, you’ll need to go to an engineering college.

Undoubtedly there are many opportunities and vacancies in aviation. So let’s check out all this work:

1. Airline Pilot – Have you always dreamed of flying? If the answer is yes, you will enjoy a career as an airline pilot. This position requires higher education and training. As an airline pilot, you need to know how to fly an airplane and follow safety rules.

For most commercial airlines, “experience” is a factor in advancing your career as the number of hours flown for pilots is determined by the length of their service. To advance your career, you will need to accumulate a number of flight hours.

Aviation pilots have many other options, such as military pilots, regional airlines, test aircraft, fire fighting, and traffic surveillance, and so on.

2. Flight Mechanic – As an aviation mechanic, you should specialize in preventive aircraft mechanics. For this, you need to pass and master the skills while you work.

3. Flight Maintenance Technician – The flight maintenance technician is responsible for checking and preparing the electrical and mechanical components of the aircraft and is always in demand. These professionals must conduct safety reviews and adhere to certain standards. This aviation career option offers candidates several specialization opportunities.

4. Aircraft Engineer – If you have engineering experience, this is a lucrative aviation career option. Here you are responsible for the development of production systems, adherence to production quotas, and development of maintenance programs. This is a very technical task that requires thorough training.

5. Air Traffic Manager – As one of the highest paying jobs with an associate degree, it requires a tremendous dose of mental focus because it causes high levels of stress. These professionals work in the control tower and direct all air traffic to ensure landing, taxi, and takeoff instructions are correct.

This is a fast job where the competition is fierce. Air traffic controllers are responsible for managing all communications and are essential for providing assistance in emergency situations.